Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arts reflection

In term 3 we learnt about the elements of dance. I learnt about different levels like high, medium, and low, and different movements like explosive sliding. I also learnt about direction which can be forwards, backwards, left, right, up, down.

I think that my learning is at multistructural because I created a story that captured one thing that is at the heart of Waimairi. Some of the elements of drama that we included was dialogue because we had conversation between the characters in our play. We also had to think about stage directions which are directions the actors follow. We had to think about our props

Next I would try out have some acts and scenes. I could write a play with a protagonist and antagonist characters.  Also I could include some monologue which is when a character speaks to the crowd.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Have you got a good memory from when you  were little? Well I do, it is of the 2012 Olympics. Me and my Mum got up at 6:00 o'clock in the morning to watch it. I was 6 years old at the time and I did not know any of the events. I kept asking what they were doing. I was lying on my Mum on the couch and I fell asleep.

This memory  I will always remember, it is my first 3 years of football.  In my first year of football I just run up and down the sideline. If the ball came to me I would run away from it.

In my second year playing football, in our third game of the year, I played at AMI stadium. It was a wet and cold day but I did not mind because  playing at AMI was motivation enough. I scored my first goal and went on to score two more goals.

In my third year we won the league. I scored 5 more goals so that was a big improvement. In the three years since I have still only scored 15 goals but I can remember them all.

So on the whole I have some good and bad memories. You can see a lot are about football because I am a big fan. Off you go, go make more of your own memories.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Planes and birds-how do they fly???

Have you ever looked at a bird and thought how do they fly?

Lift. Lift is the force that lifts the plane up in the air. Lift is important when you are taking off.

Drag: Drag is the force that slows down the plane. Drag is very important when you are on the runway.

Thrust: Thrust is the force that speeds up the plane. Thrust is important when you are taking off.

Weight: Weight is the force that pulls down the plane. Weight is important when you are coming down to land.

Planes and birds need wings to fly. That is why we can not fly because we are missing the ability to get all of the lift and thrust as we don't have wings.

So next time you try to fly by jumping off your bed don't do it because you will not fly.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Crab hunting

Crab hunting all started with the children from Room 11 walking to the beach. Once were on the rocky shore we started tracking down crabs. Luca and I found a jellyfish floating in a rock pool. I felt nervous at first, but then once we started feeling it, I felt excited. We raced to get some friends and ran them back and showed them the jellyfish.

Then we ran to the sand down the other end of the beach and started the sandcastle competition. I created a big castle with a moat around it. Then we made rock cairns, which are like a rock castles, as the next competition. Luca and I found a tennis ball and made a big pile of rocks using the tennis ball like a flag on the top.  

All I thought of as I walked back to camp was the great fun I had had that day. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Halswall Quarry

Today at Halswell Quarry I took this picture of all the different rock. We learnt how park rangers look after the park and all about the rocks. 


It all started with Sam saying to Bob “Let's go for a walk in the woods”. They followed the track but then the track stopped and they were lost. 

Day 69 
“We are still struggling in the woods, still going to die. How will we get out alive?” Sam said to Bob.  “We won't but we might if we can go rob some food from someone”.  “How will we do that?” “Go on an adventure to find some, it will be fun”

Day 100 
“We are still here we are never going to get home” cried Sam to Bob. “We could if we run super fast home”.

Monday, 5 December 2016


Bobby Bill Blue’s hair is black and short, he is 6 foot tall and very strong. He plays football for England and he is number 10. It is a magic shirt because he can teleport. When he plays football for Man City he is number 7.

His behaviour is very naughty. He hangs out with Joe Hart and James Millner. He meets them in a secret place behind a bookcase at his house, because they are not allowed to be together.  One of his interests are to collect football cards, his favourite card is Messi and Pilie. His favourite magazine is Match of the Day. His favourite club is Barcelona. He gets very angry when Barcelona lose. His favourite player is Messi.

His accent is German. When he knows people he will not stop talking to them but, when he doesn't know people he will not say a word. He usually speaks with a loud voice as he is often excited or annoyed.

Bobby is mean to his friends. They get angry with him because when he is silly he makes jokes about his friends that they don't get, so they think he is evil. He lives in a mansion made out of shiny gold, it is tidy inside. He is rich because he has a robot. The robot is old and he will do anything to help people.