Monday, 25 July 2016

Stereotyping Explanation

Stereotyping is a rude way to think and say what groups of people are when they’re not.

Here are some examples of stereotyping:
‘All Indians work at KFC.’ I disagree with the fact because all Indians don't  work at KFC because KFC is a very easy job to qualify for. They work in a range of jobs.

Another example of stereotyping is ‘fat people can’t run.’ I disagree because they can run just not very fast and it is because of their weight. Some fat people can run just not as fast as others. 

Here is our final example of stereotyping - ‘All girls like pink and all boys like blue.’ I disagree because I know some boys that don’t like blue and some girls that don't like pink. 

Overall I believe stereotyping is an unfair statement and sometimes it can a be rude way to put someone down and make them feel bad.

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