Monday, 5 December 2016


Bobby Bill Blue’s hair is black and short, he is 6 foot tall and very strong. He plays football for England and he is number 10. It is a magic shirt because he can teleport. When he plays football for Man City he is number 7.

His behaviour is very naughty. He hangs out with Joe Hart and James Millner. He meets them in a secret place behind a bookcase at his house, because they are not allowed to be together.  One of his interests are to collect football cards, his favourite card is Messi and Pilie. His favourite magazine is Match of the Day. His favourite club is Barcelona. He gets very angry when Barcelona lose. His favourite player is Messi.

His accent is German. When he knows people he will not stop talking to them but, when he doesn't know people he will not say a word. He usually speaks with a loud voice as he is often excited or annoyed.

Bobby is mean to his friends. They get angry with him because when he is silly he makes jokes about his friends that they don't get, so they think he is evil. He lives in a mansion made out of shiny gold, it is tidy inside. He is rich because he has a robot. The robot is old and he will do anything to help people.



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