Sunday, 18 June 2017

Crab hunting

Crab hunting all started with the children from Room 11 walking to the beach. Once were on the rocky shore we started tracking down crabs. Luca and I found a jellyfish floating in a rock pool. I felt nervous at first, but then once we started feeling it, I felt excited. We raced to get some friends and ran them back and showed them the jellyfish.

Then we ran to the sand down the other end of the beach and started the sandcastle competition. I created a big castle with a moat around it. Then we made rock cairns, which are like a rock castles, as the next competition. Luca and I found a tennis ball and made a big pile of rocks using the tennis ball like a flag on the top.  

All I thought of as I walked back to camp was the great fun I had had that day. 

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