Sunday, 30 July 2017

Planes and birds-how do they fly???

Have you ever looked at a bird and thought how do they fly?

Lift. Lift is the force that lifts the plane up in the air. Lift is important when you are taking off.

Drag: Drag is the force that slows down the plane. Drag is very important when you are on the runway.

Thrust: Thrust is the force that speeds up the plane. Thrust is important when you are taking off.

Weight: Weight is the force that pulls down the plane. Weight is important when you are coming down to land.

Planes and birds need wings to fly. That is why we can not fly because we are missing the ability to get all of the lift and thrust as we don't have wings.

So next time you try to fly by jumping off your bed don't do it because you will not fly.

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